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Business Consulting

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”
― John C. Maxwell

Building sustainable Business models can no longer be a one-time exercise for organizations. The global market over the years has shaped the external driving factors such that change is inevitable. Organizations that don’t keep up to the external changes are destined to head a road block.

Let’s get the change into a controlled transformation whether it be upgrading IT infrastructure or improving business processes. Businesses have to be foresighted enabling them to be able to embrace change to harness profitability and consistent growth rate.

Startup | SMB

If you’re a startup firm, SMB or contemplating starting a business and your reading this then you’ve landed in the right place. Our Consultants are experienced technocrats that deliver with passionate. Be it technology or business strategizing we have the right mix to make sure you are on track.

From Business plans to monetizing your business processes we’re equipped with the right combination to professionally align your business. We’ll be empowering your business with best industry practices and the right tools to professionally stream line business processes and increase productivity.

Even if it is a basic idea we’ll be happy to discuss it with you. Get in touch

Business Analysis

SBS caters to the need of technocrats to understand your business needs and draft out specs in terms of IT needs. We have Consultant that would absorb your business need and translate it into a prototype that gives a peek into the solution for the problem that needs to be addressed.

Prototyping a system does not just needs to translate business need into technical solutions required, but it has to create a user experience that is easy, intuitive, fresh and engaging. All aspects of development in the web & mobile space now is about creating user experiences or stories that entice the user to keep coming back.

Project Management

SBS enables effective project management processes with world renowned standards including Agile and PMP. Our project managers are dedicated professionals that strive to inspire productivity and successful projects through organized structured process oriented approaches that are deemed as best practices in the industry.