eXert SMS


eXert SMS – School Management System

eXert SMS, a web based Software Solution, is unparalleled and comprehensive student information system that covers each and every entity of School and Institute/College respectively. eXert Traditeo provides your educational school and institute with an interactive platform that can be used by Management, Teachers, Parents, Students, Guests and Experts. eXert Traditeo provides you with an integrated platform, helping you connect all departments of your school and institution.

Provides Management with a single window information of school/institute.
Evaluate Student’s Academic Performance throughout Sessions.
Help teachers and students to better organize their daily / weekly activities.
Automate important units like fees, library and stock and eliminate any ambiguity and loss of property and liquidity of the school.
Reduce cost involved in communication based processes in the school.
Increase Productivity by analyzing critical data thoroughly.
Optimum configuration of the timetable of classes/sections according to the availability and skill set of teachers.
Comprehensively analyze the performance of students, classes, teachers and the school/Institute.
Bring parents closer to the system and helps to keep better track of their wards performance and progress.
Internal messaging and configurable email facility.
Web reporting
Medical details of students.
Highest security at User Level, Module Level & Form Level.